buying/selling a car in australia

..this was my car for two years. it was just a few years younger than me - but it did a very good job. it was a toyota hilux with a diesel engine. if you really want to see australia you actually have to buy (or rent) a 4WD (4wd australia). as soon as you spend more than approximatly 12 weeks in down under it's cheaper to buy a car (and re-sell it again) than to rent one.

many people are afraid of buying a car in a foreign country, but for australia, i can say it is even easier to buy and register a car there than it's here in austria!!!

but, if you plan to buy a car - u should at least plan one week for buying and another week for selling the car.

it took me just about 45 minutes to get an insurance and the registration. to be sure that you can easily resell you car - sell in the state where it is registrated. the same thing is if you have to extend your registration - it's much easier to do it in the state where the car is registrated!!!

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...."the first footprint".

Again one of my absolute favorite pictures. it was taken on a sanddune near rainbow beach (queensland, australia). offcourse this is a sunset picture again - the best time for shooting really nice holiday pictures. from rainbow beach a smal barge can carry to fraser island (it leaves from the beach and brings you to the beach).

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devils marbles (just between alice springs and darwin ;-) ). it's really worth a stop because there isn't really something else to take pictures of on this bloody long way. best time to be there - sunrise or sunset - then you have the best light to take really amazing pictures. some more photos of the devils marbles will follow soon.

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another one of my favourite pictures - lake makenzie on fraser island (queensland, australia). a freshwater lake with a white sandy beach. thats really close to paradise - no sharks, no stingers, no crocodiles, no stingrays!!!

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...thats me at the eucla-dunes just in the middle of the long long nullabor road (so actually thats what you really can call "in the middle of nowhere!"). but it was really worth to ride all the long way on the nullabor with my car. i really wouldn't have missed it. Offcourse it is quite tough for the car as well as for the driver, but still it's something you have to do when you visit australia! but, be sure to have a good car and a good insurance ;-)

furhter information about travelling:
first post!!

just started here with my blog. maybe you are wondering about the name "down under" - it's just because i'm a real big fan of australia!

Till now i have made 3 journeys to australia and spend more than 8 months in that fantastic country. This is also what my bloy will be about - travelling, backpacking, outdoor, outback and wilderness.

so far - i just have to get used to the features of this blog.

yours, daniel!